Is it hot in here or is it just the Earth?

Summers in the Pacific Northwest are becoming warmer; which calls for darker tans, bonfire nights, and stargazing with loved ones. Whereas winters are becoming wetter and a lot colder. Something in my twenty plus years is something that’s great, but at the end of the day is alarming! Over two decades my memories of the seasons are rapidly changing into something I would imagine the east coast would experience. Well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it feels true! 

We can see some clear signs in the warming of the Earth in the melting of snow caps in the Artic. I know you’ve seen the pictures on Instagram or other various websites of the sickly looking polar bears, so thin they look like skeletons. They may not seem related, but let me tell you they are. As the average temperature of the Earth rises it causes ice to melt. We’ve seen it happen during the summers and the ice in your cooler has disappeared after a couple of hours in the heat. The biggest ice cubes reside in the North and South ends of the world and as the heat rises the ice begins to melt, then as the the climate begins to change it makes it harder for the Earth too “cool” off. The decreasing ice masses makes it so the polar bears have to swim farther and farther to reach land. It also makes it harder to hunt, being so tired from all that swimming. 

The decreasing ice caps contribute the the rising of sea levels. This leads to flooding in small island communities, then eventually we will probably see it on a greater scale eventually. The polar bears are already decreasing in numbers, how long until they just become a memory? How long until it’s our some-odd great grandchildren only get to see videos or pictures of some of these marvelous animals we live with.


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