Take a Drive Along the Coast

Driving along the coast in the Pacific Northwest can be a beautiful thing. I can remember camping out at Neah Bay, on the very tip of the state, it was cold, but it was gorgeous. After the fog disappeared, you can see the rolling gray waters and hear the sea gulls calling in the horizon. Climbing through the rocks and looking in a little tide pools there. You can touch the sea anemones and watch them curl up around your finger, see the little fish dart around, sometimes you can even see star fish amongst the rocks.

Within the next 85 years scientists, worryingly, predict that the sea levels will raise about 40 inches. That’s is depending on whether or not our expulsion of CO2 and other greenhouse gases increase or decrease. Hopefully we can decrease them. Although the increase of sea levels will depend on where the the levels already are at. Some of the coast line could see a decline in the water levels.

With the increase of sea levels will affect many different things. Such as erosion rates, flooding, and storm surges. With the increase of erosion it will be detrimental to our coast lines. Slowly chipping them away. This can be deadly to roads and houses that are built along the coast line. This increase can also be seen to negatively affect marine habitat, especially the low-lying lands. Also some of the coastal species will be effected, especially the key species of the food chain, planktons, young salmon, other types of fish, oysters, and many more species.

We need to do something to help these creatures and land lines. If you can think of anything to do to help, reach out to peers, form groups, and get out there and help!


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